First day of January in my neighborhood, or A long awaited winter

The story begins with a girl that spent Christmas Eve, and then New Year’s Eve alone. But not lonely.

I guess I felt this coming since visiting Andra Lia and Moni in Copenhagen at the end of November. It started with a long walk on the beach, rosy cheeks, stone cold hands and irregular heart beats during the Angus & Julia Stone concert. The funny shapes of my breath in the chilly air after a run around the Bagsværd Sø were next. The kanelsnegle lovely smell, the aromatic chai latte at Cafe Retro, the colorful smiles of happy girls and the thought of bittersweet memories since long ago, followed through.

IMG_20150101_142704December was a short movie with new friends, ice skating weekends, Glühwein evenings, work Christmas parties and after-parties, and lots of smiles. Still, it arrived: a sneaky fear of being alone in München at the end of this month. 

But then.. there was a mixtape as a Christmas present, and an unexpected evening out at Café Kosmos, and a letter from a dear friend.

And finally the snowflakes began to fall. White, puffy, shiny little perfect forms, were slowly covering everything. It was better than the traditional tasty food, hot wine, Christmas carols, drinking, dancing, better than being published in scientific journals, being appreciated for your good work, making everyone proud, better than chocolate, weed, pretty dresses, nice perfume, sauna, massages, movie nights, brownies, being in a relationship, almost better than getting lost in Lisbon. This feeling of complete, utter freedom and adoration. This is what makes me truly happy. Only the snow and the ocean can make me feel like this.

So there it was: the white Christmas I was longing for.

The days that came after, found me wishing so badly it did not stop. And it didn’t. The road to work felt like a journey through an immensely pearly desert.

The hills became slopes for pretty little people and all kinds of sledges. I always thought that a perfect winter globe should sound like a full slope.

2014 ended with a glass of red wine, watching fireworks and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

2015 started with lovely sunshines looking down the amazing crowd of beautiful and innocent souls.

Until next time, guten Rutsch!

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